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Horizons Youth Leadership Training Program

The EBF Youth and Children Committee is committed to providing informative and a helpful training program for youth workers and volunteers to better enable them to do God's work in their local church. HORIZONS is the training platform for leaders in youth and children ministry throughout the EBF. This program is available in several of the European languages and many more are in development. If you or anyone you know is looking for an independent learning experience with an experienced local mentor from your country feel free to contact us today at horizons@bwanet.org
Please contact the EBF Youth Leadership Training Coordinator, Rev. Dr. Jeff Carter at EBF HORIZONS office at +420 776 375 594 or email us today at horizons@bwanet.org

Horizons Online
We offer an online training course that is self paced and guided by a ministry mentor who will facilitate your progress through the training material for volunteer youth leaders.
Horizons "Live"
Live seminars for your ministry can be arranged with a Horizons Training Specialist on a wide range of topics that are relevant to youth leaders today in their task of working with youth.
Upcoming Training Events
Check this out for upcoming training events that may be offered in your area. Or contact us today how we can offer our services to assist you in your training needs.
Past Training Events
- Check out our past events and feel free to contact those countries that have already experienced Horizons training events in the past. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts as well here.