We have made this space available for you to post useful resources for youth and children work.  More will be added as you send them to us!
 Here are some resources you may find useful:
Making a SplashNEW! Believer’s baptism is one of the most     significant moments in a person’s life, and one which many young people experience as they grow in their faith. Making a Splash has been written by a group of youth specialists to help young people prepare for their baptism. This book explores what Christians believe by considering the questions that are often asked about their faith when someone is baptized. As you work through the book you will also look at why people are being baptized as believers, discover practical advice about what will happen on the day and what it means to be an active member of the church. If people want to order copies they need to call +441235 517708 or email They normally cost £4 each or £3.50 for ten or more (plus postage), but we'd have to negotiate the price individually because of postage and exchange rates.
Nick Lear   

Here is a prayer calendar for 2009 of Europe and the Middle East.  It is a great tool to help you pray for all the ministry that is happening around the EBF through the whole year.

Click here to go to the prayer calendar


(EBF Youth Ministry Research Training Report) Jan 2005 Download a copy of the youth ministry assessment report for the EBF by Dr. Jeff Carter of 40 EBF countries:

Youth Ministry Training Research Report (PDF) 


EBF-Y&C Training Fund

We, as EBF youth and children workers, believe that training and mentoring of a new generation of young Christians is of vital importance. That's why a couple we introduced a youth/children leadership training fund. The EBF Youth and Children’s Committee (EBF-YC) has set aside a small training fund to support youth and children training events. Every EBF youth and children department that is a member of the EBF can submit an application for consideration. The maximum amount one can apply for is 300 EUR. This is a practical way in which the EBF family can express the love of Christ for youth and children work development. There are only three scholarships available.

- The application should be in line with our mission and vision.
- Priority will be given to projects that are linked to EBF-YC work.
- Consideration will be given to counties that choose to use the Horizons Training Programme
- The supported project will need to report back to the EBF-YC either during our conference or through a detailed written report, accompanied by pictures.
- We also need to ask two more people from the conference to review the application for the fund we set
- Application should be received by March, 1. There need to be detailed description of the project and how the money will be spent.     
- Maximum grant for the Fund for Training Project is 300 EUR.

Application Form
- You can download the application form below.