Youth Ministry Leadership Training

The EBF Youth and Children Committee is committed to providing informative and helpful training programmes for youth workers and volunteers to better enable them to do God's work in their local church.  Aside from the annual conference which we host, we are working towards developing an online training programme that will allow for those workers who do not have access to classical training in a seminary or local Bible school.  This program is called the Horizon Challenge Youth Leadership Course. 


We are pleased to offer a NEW online training course for youth leaders interested in taking a basic certificate course in Youth Ministry with a mentor guided program.

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Rev. Dr. Jeff Carter
European Baptist Federation
Youth Ministry Leadership Training Coordinator


‘Horizons’ official kick-off in Armenia   

A r m e n i a – after listening to a presentation by Jeff Carter on ‘Horizons’ at IBTS, Asatur Hakhapetyan (General Secretary of the Armenian Baptist Union) extended an invitation to the EBF Youth Leadership Training Department to visit Armenia and do a youth ministry training course among the Armenian youth leaders. ‘Horizons’ is a youth ministry training course developed by course director Jeff Carter   and the editorial team of Vasil Vasilev and Arthur Brown and consists of 4 units (24 modules). It aims at training volunteer youth workers for ministry in their local context.   Jeff Carter and Vasil Vasilev agreed to visit them and use the ‘Horizon’ course as a base for the training.

Almost 50 young youth leaders gathered together for the event near Yerevan. There were young leaders not only from Armenia but also from neighbouring counties such as Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Nagorno Karabakh. The next few days were spent in unpacking themes from the course.

Jeff Carter spoke about what youth culture is and how – using contemporary media – youth workers can build bridges with today’s young generation. Vasil Vasilev did a session on how young people in the church are often marginalised and following that he spoke about how young people can find their unique spot in the body of Christ as serve him with their gifts and talents. All sessions are part of the ‘Horizons’ course.  

The visit was marked by a powerful church service on the Sunday. Jeff Carter and Vasil Vasilev worshiped at the main Baptist church in Yerevan during which the EBF Youth Leadership Training Department and the ‘Horizons’ course were once again introduced.   Jeff Carter gave the main address that morning on the Parable of the Sower from Luke’s gospel.   There was also an appeal (made by an Armenian brother) and two people gave their lives to Christ that very morning.  

The HORIZONS Youth Leadership training course in its online version is slated for release this fall 2008.

Vasil Vasilev

European Baptist Federation

Associate Youth Ministry Training Coordinator